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The Château de Jasson vineyard is very old - the Greeks already cultivated the vine there 6 centuries before Christ. The origin of the name Jasson is medieval, originating from the word "Jas", which describes the place where shepherds met before leaving for seasonal migrations.
Nestled between the sea and the Massif des Maures, the Jasson vineyards enjoy a Mediterranean climate that is extremely favourable to viticulture on a terroir with both slate and clay-limestone soils.
Fully planted with A. O. C. Côtes de Provence, the domain proposes rosé, white and red wines that are appreciated in fine restaurants or by private customers who appreciate the charm and aromas of these elegant wines.


Heir to a long line of winemakers that goes back to 1342, Benjamin de Fresne, the owner, has brought his own alchemy into the elaboration of his wines.
Vinification is carried out in the best Provençal wine-making tradition under controlled temperature and using the techniques of pellicular or carbonic maceration.
The vine is cared for with sustainable agricultural techniques, preferring ploughing to herbicides, employing "soft" treatment products that avoid leaving residue on the grapes.
Production is limited voluntarily through severe pruning and green harvesting in July. The grapes are harvested by hand in a deliberate effort to guarantee quality.

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